October 28, 2009

Pull it together please!

On the 6th of july I gave birth via C-section, now the pain should come as no surprise for me or anyone else for that matter, I mean it is an operation so it makes perfect sense, but because this was my second time, I went into it assuming I knew exactly what I was in for.... Let me tell you! The women playing it down saying oh well I was up and running after 2-3 days, even a week are not deliberately telling you a big fat lie for you to be able to perceive c-section as being the easy way out in comparison to a vaginal birth. No their mind is playing tricks on them. Imagine my surprise after having lied myself through this second pregnancy stupidly repeating "I cannot understand for the love of God why some women complain about the aftermath of a c section, I had no problems, it only hurt for a few days and I remember on the 8th day I went for a long walk and was only tired because of an operation after the actual c-section, but it wasn't the c-section itself! That hardly hurt afterwards..." I kept repeating this lie even to the face of my midwife, who happily declared that I was "the perfect candidate for a c-section". . . and so a week after I was still hurting and my first day of functioning normally was on the 15th day. . . and that's when it was over!
When I was moved to the maternityward after the c-section they offered me morphine and I gladly said "No thank you, I don't want to be in a daze, so I'll deal with the pain"!!!! The very nice midwives tried to explain that the doses wont be high enough to put me in a daze, but would just take the edge of the pain I would be feeling, but oh no, I wasn't having it! At 3am it was a different story altogether, I was feeling such an intense pain in my right shoulder that was making it hard for me to breathe, at that point I would've been on my knees begging - had I been able to move down there! A couple of hours later I had gotten out of that pit of hellish pain and no longer felt like flipping the midwife off at 3am when she asked me "are you in pain?" Maybe she thought I was bored and wanted a crowd to start a party -who knows!?
So now I'm left pondering the question that many women, doctors and scientists before me - HOW is it possible to forget something so rediculously gruesome?! Learn from my experience darling and demand all the drugs they have - and then for an extra dosage for when the nurses or midwives aren't available ;) xoxo AQ