November 21, 2009

I'm no longer the Babysitter

I've been upgraded, no longer the beta version for some software.
Almost two and a half years ago I gave birth to my first child, Aiden-Humphrey, like all parents we thought our baby was the cutest thing ever! Imediately after people laid eyes on him, they all agreed that he was the spitting image of my husband. Mind you that for ...oh lets just say the last 6months of the pregnancy, I had hoped that the baby would look like me, since I was the one giving birth and putting my body through the kind of strain only a pregnancy can impose (one of the socalled joys?!). Well not only were everyone telling me that he looked like my husband, they were also very kind as to let me know that there was no way they could tell that this child was related to me. Fun! Thought it ended there, no I've got more. After a bit people started noticing how fair his skin was apparently compared to mine!? At first I really didnt understand what they meant, I'm pakistani and this has always come as a surprise to people here in Denmark and they've always said "oh well, you're not dark at all" or "but your skin is so fair" and I explained that pakistani people come in a various shade of colours. Even before we moved to Denmark people in Pakistan - who by the way make a bigger fuss about the colour of a persons skin - used to always comment on my skincolour in the same manner. So I was really very surprised when this one woman made her observation known to me, saying "oh well his skin is so fair, he's not at all as dark as you are". For a moment I was compelled to look around the room, to see if she really was addressing me, with everyone around me being dane, it was pretty obvious that she was talking about me, and I kept thinking "what is she talking about, my skin isn't dark?!" "I need to look into a mirror" and I did! -with my son in my arms so I could compare our skintone properly.
At the age of 26 I realized for the very first time, that my skin was not fair!!! It took me some time adjusting to my new identity as the dark lady with the white child and I embraced this change referring to myself as my sons babysitter hahaha! No, but that really is the case, but lookswise we were so far apart, that I could only be percieved as his nanny, aupair or what have you.
Privately I joked that had I not been present for his birth, t I might have thought there had been a mixup at the hospital, but alas this cute lil baby was mine. But a couple of days ago Aiden-Humphrey was looking through an album and i found some babypictures of myself! Im glad to be able to report, that this babysitter has now been upgraded to full fledged mommy status, have a look for yourself, my son does look like me too; whoop whoop! The mysterious looks of our younger son Miles-Harvey have also been revealed, no one could tell who he looked like and apparently he's the spitting image of yours truely. Have a look for your self.

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