November 24, 2009

Pucker up!

Most people know me as Aqleema, a happy easy-going person, friend, wife, mother, collegue and what have you, who tries her very best to see the glass as half full. There are some people who see me in an utterly different light, they're the ones who see me in the morning and will gladly confess that I do not wake up as myself. Myself I guess must be the sum of a series of more or less conscious decisions. Because my immidiate reaction is neither nice, pretty, kind, understanding, overbearing, subtle or gentle. I think more or less all the people who've tried to wake me before I'm ready to let go of dreamworld have regretted it, one of them till this day recalls the horrifying experience as if it were yesterday. My two year old son tries to wake me every morning and is mostly successful about it, he starts with "mama" "mamaaaa" and then goes on to "darling" darrliiiinggggg" then continues calling me with a sweeter and sweeter voice and caressing my face and turning it towards his. As soon as I'm regaining consciousness he starts jumping around in the bed to finish the job. Everyone else has their more or less quiet methods of evoking my rage not knowing I've convinced myself I'm Snowwhite or Sleeping beauty - depending on the day - and awaiting true love's kiss. Demanding much?! xoxo AQ


  1. are not demanding too much..

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  2. Happy Holidays! Following from MBC! I'd love for you to come visit me!


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  4. My toddler does the same!

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